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Survivor Sanctuary

a peer support group by survivors for survivors


Who we are

Survivor Sanctuary is a grassroots organisation, which is led by survivors, for survivors. We provide peer to peer support for victim-survivors who have experienced sexual violence. At our core we cultivate a safe space which provides connection, belonging and friendship through our shared lived experiences, no matter where survivors are on their journey.

Alongside our mission, our aim is to ensure that survivors of sexual violence are invited to have a seat at the table where decisions are made about policy changes that directly affect us. As survivors, we want to work with systems and organisations to reform the experience for survivors of the reporting process and the accessibility of specialised support.

Survivor Sanctuary is a place where we all care about each other. We can share as much or little as we wish without intrusive questions or inappropriate remarks. Although our stories are different, we bond over the experience of how other people disrespected our boundaries - therefore we respect each other's a lot.

SS Group Member

Survivor Sanctuary work hard to reach the people in Coventry that would benefit from our support. You can find out more by clicking below or dropping us an email to find the right group for you. 

We are proud to be funded by the National Lottery Community Fund 

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