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The Sanctuary Collective

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund alongside our Peer Support Groups we offer a variety of holistic therapies to our community for free. 

Women's Circles


We offer a monthly Women Circle, supported by Kaz from Roots in Nature. Held in the evenings for up to 2 hours, refreshments and snacks provided.

In these talking circles survivors find solace in connecting with others who comprehend their journey without judgment or stigma. Through heartfelt discussions survivors reclaim their narratives, finding strength in vulnerability. 

Therapeutic Yoga 

In collaboration with Helen from Balance Yoga Coventry we offer weekly yoga sessions on Thursday evenings from 6.00pm-7.00pm 

Our gentle practices are designed to soothe your nervous system, guide you to slow your breath, promoting a sense of safety and agency in your healing journey. We offer a supportive environment where you can honour yourself and your wellbeing. These accessible sessions are suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Image by Dane Wetton
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She Coaches

A dedicated coaching space by and for victim-survivors, making coaching accessible for women and the Trans and Queer community.


In our coaching sessions we aim to customise the experience to meet individual needs providing a safe space to explore personal goals and prioritise overall wellbeing. 

Sound Therapy

In collaboration with Lou Jerzyszek we offer group Sound Therapy sessions on an ad-hoc basis. 

"Sound Therapy gave me a safe space to allow my nervous system to actually relax. My mind was able to switch off from every day thinking and enter into a world of calm"

 - Survivor Sanctuary member 

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